Trails Project

A project being led by the Boone County Trails Advisory Committee (BCTAC)

In 2011 the Chamber organized a group of passionate trail advocates from around Boone County to investigate the feasibility of constructing new trails that would showcase the beauty of our area.  Ten years later this group, now known as the Boone County Trails Advisory Committee continues to drive the project with a goal of realizing an expanded, connected network of trails.

Trails provide many benefits to citizens:

  • Increased opportunities for our youth to explore the outdoors, get fresh air and exercise, learn more about nature and improve mental health outcomes
  • Separated sidepaths (trails that are built away from roadway traffic) improve safety for bicyclists, walkers and joggers and offer more room and less concern for automobiles and farm implements
  • Trail development has been shown to boost local economies as convenience stores, hardware stores, restaurants, pubs, grills and other retail have realized increased sales, the taxes of which fund our schools and other community needs
  • Land and home values increase in neighborhoods and rural developments that feature conscientious trail design as a key quality of life amenity
  • Properly designed trails often include prairie restoration, tree plantings, and other methods of habitat regeneration that can actually enhance conservation efforts

The first phase of construction is focused on a 1.5 mile stretch leading from the world famous High Trestle Trail at QF Lane, northward toward the scenic Swede Point Park.  The BCTAC is currently seeking funds to pave this approximately $420K segment.y in Iowa by making a gift to the Boone County Trails Initiative below. All gifts are processed by the Natural Heritage Foundation and are eligible tax deductibility.